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BirthMale; 1811
Death 1865, age about 54
OccupationLandscape painter
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
MotherNot recorded
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Married, 1832
BirthFemale; 1813
Death 1905, age about 92
Death Memodue to complications after a fall [133]
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
Marriage 1832
Child (1):Edwin Henry BODDINGTON (1836 - ~1905)

Notes for Henry John WILLIAMS

The most successful member of the extensive Williams family of painters, his father and five brothers were all painters, he took his wife's name of Boddington on their marriage in order to stand out from the rest of the Williams painters! Noted for his English landscapes.

Notes for Clarissa Eliza BODDINGTON

They were always referred to as Mr & Mrs Boddington. After Henry died Clarrisa wanted to be known as Mrs Boddington-Williams in cherished memory of her husband and it was under that name that she was buried.

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